Laconian community of Sydney hold 2022 Annual Dance

The Pan-Laconian Association NSW “The Spartans” held their 2022 Annual Ball at the Grand Roxy in Brighton-Le-Sands, Sydney on Saturday, November 12.

During the event, the Laconians paid tribute to retired police officer, Arthur Kopsias APM, for his contribution to the people and communities of NSW.

In attendance were over 200 people, including a number of officials such as the President of the Pan-Laconian Association NSW “The Spartans” Mary Skalkos; the President of the Pallaconian Brotherhood of Melbourne & Victoria “Leonidas,” Miltiadis Paikopoulos; among many others.

In a speech, Ms Skalkos thanked everyone for attending the annual dance. She also praised Mr Paikopoulos for creating a strong youth committee in Victoria.

“Let your example be the reason our youth here keep the flame of Laconia alive and maintain its wonderful history and remarkable tradition,” Ms Skalkos said.

Ms Skalkos then spoke of the importance of the annual dance and recognising Mr Kopsias for his work in the community.

“Our association “The Spartans” began a tradition that continues today – that is, awarding Laconians of Sydney, recognising their contribution to the progress of the Association, the community and society in general,” she said.

“To the high-ranking Laconian, Mr Arthur Kopsias, makes us proud. His ethos and professionalism, and hard work, are a source of inspiration for the younger generation,” Ms Skalkos said.

The evening ended with music and dancing in a cheerful festive atmosphere.


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