Larnaka announces “Common Ground” as motto for 2030 European Capital of Culture

Larnaka announces Common Ground as motto for 2030 European Capital of Culture.

The Larnaka 2030 Organisation announced on Sunday the motto of the city’s candidacy for European Capital of Culture.

A press release issued by the Organisation states that the announcement of the central theme which is “Common Ground” took place with an action that brings all the Cultural Capitals of Europe to the centre of Larnaka. “It is a large-scale visual intervention in the shop windows of the historic centre, through which all European Capitals of Culture are presented from the beginning of the institution in 1985 until 2028”, it is noted.

The action “is the result of the cooperation of the Larnaca 2030 Architecture and Design Working Group with the Association of Store Managers of the Historic Shopping Centre and is held on the occasion of the celebrations for the Europe Day and the 20th anniversary of Cyprus’s accession to the European Union. More than 150 people, artists, architects, designers and shopkeepers, worked systematically for months to plan and implement a project that fills the city centre with art, expression and optimism”, the press release said.

It is also noted that “the visual intervention ‘Common Ground’ will last until May 26 and is accompanied by a series of artistic actions in the public space, such as urban games, theatre, music, etc., which take place on the weekends. The goal is for the public of all ages to experience the historic centre of Larnaka in a new way.”


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