Not Greek Diner: Brooklyn Dumpling’s Automatic One-Ounce Sandwich

Stratis Morfogen comes from a Greek diner family background but has stepped out into his own concept of bringing back an automat – a vending machine that dispenses food, including a one-ounce sandwich.

It’s with his Brooklyn Dumping Shop, combining the old school technique that has lured people afraid of sit-down restaurants during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has claimed many a Greek restaurant and diner.

“I think it’s the greatest form of distribution: cost-effective, error-free,” he said about the automat, where food is placed in hot or cold lockers for customers to grab and go, reported Franchise Times.

The concept dates to 1895 in Germany. Joseph Horn and Frank Hardart opened their first New York automat in 1912 and after the Spanish flu epidemic the idea took off – and it’s back.

“And here I am, 100 years later,” said Morfogen, noting that he wrote the business plan in 2019, before anyone knew the coronavirus horror show was coming.

You won’t find pastitsio or moussaka from the dispenser but if you like Philly cheesesteak dumplings, lamb gyro tzaziki, three-blend cheeseburgers, and savory or sweet fillings, get your tray.


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