NSW Government to partner with local councils to host major cultural festivals

People wanting to experience the world will now be able to enjoy everything other cultures have to offer at home, thanks to the NSW Government offering million-dollar investments into major council-run cultural festivals and events. 

Grant funding of up to $500,000 a year for two years is now available for local councils across the state’s Six Cities to host major cultural events in partnership with the NSW Government.

Premier Dominic Perrottet said this partnership will benefit the state’s Six Cities Regions, including celebrating our rich diversity, driving tourism and boosting local economies.

“We are talking about working with councils to host events that will attract tens of thousands of people from far and wide that want to experience our state’s diverse cultures,” Mr Perrottet said.

“By partnering with councils, we will be able to support them cater for bigger crowds, which will benefit their local economies and especially small businesses.”

This funding has been made available thanks to the NSW’s 2022-23 Budget, which saw a record $28 million invested into the state’s multicultural future.

Minister for Multiculturalism Mark Coure said cultural events help celebrate NSW’s greatest asset—its people.

Greek festival in Sydney.

“Councils in our major cities all have a major event that is synonymous with their local community, whether it be Lunar New Year, the Mid Autumn Festival, Ramadan, Diwali or even Christmas,” Mr Coure said.

“Every year, people wait in anticipation for those events to enjoy the vibrancy, the colour and the culture they are known for. That is the beauty of our multiculturalism—you don’t need to travel overseas to experience other cultures. You can do it right here in NSW.”

All councils across the state’s Six Cities are eligible to apply to support existing major cultural events or to establish a new one.

Minister for Local Government Wendy Tuckerman said councils understand local needs, and were best placed to drive social and cultural events.

“Local Councils are the level of government closest to the community, so the NSW Government working directly with councils in our six cities will ensure these celebrations benefit their communities directly,” Mrs Tuckerman said.

“By partnering with councils, we are boosting local cultural celebrations led by local leaders, helping to cater for bigger crowds so tourists can experience everything their city has to offer.” 

The Six Cities Regions comprise of the Lower Hunter and Greater Newcastle City, Central Coast City, Illawarra-Shoalhaven City, Western Parkland City, Central River City and Eastern Harbour City.

Successful councils can use the funding for festivals held in 2023 and 2024. Successful councils must partner with the NSW Government and co-fund to host events.


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