Posidonia 2024: Pioneer cloud ERP solutions by Fleetwork

Fleetwork, a pioneer in cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Greece, announced on Tuesday it will present its innovative solutions for fleet management to the global shipping community at the international shipping exhibition Posidonia 2024, to take place in June 3-7 2024 at the Athens Metropolitan Expo.

Since 2009, when it was created through the joint efforts of a dedicated and talented team in shipping and tech, Fleetwork, a 100% Greek company, is the first Greek shipping ERP fully leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) solutions to offer true cloud services wherever shipping companies and their ships are located. This allows for innovative solutions in ERP.

Tailored to shipping, Fleetwork’s cloud ERP system ensures safe, reliable, user-friendly and highly efficient management of all maritime operations, such as accounting, crewing and human resource (HR), technical maintenance, procurement, risk management, compliance, and operations, according to a company press release.

The innovative approach and the results of Fleetwork’s work are why they have chosen Amazon Web Services to provide cloud ERP for shipping. Some of the largest shipping companies in Greece – and in the world – trust it to manage their fleet, it said.

Fleetork added that this system is a groundbreaking solution that seamlessly adapts to every aspect of maritime operations, helping shipping companies to manage day-to-day business in a secure, reliable, and user-centric way, enabling them to focus on their core business.

By capitalizing on the latest technological advancements and harnessing the power of data insights, Fleetwork ensures efficient management of all operations of a shipping company. From laptops and desktops to mobile phones, Fleetwork’s platform ensures consistent performance and accessibility, empowering users to manage fleets, assign tasks, and analyze data with unparalleled ease, whether in the office, on the dock, or out at sea, revolutionizing the way maritime professionals work.

As the system is designed to grow with the shipping company’s business, it can adapt to increasing data, users and transactions, ensuring consistent performance and scalability across expanding business operations.

Giannis Sarris, Founder and CEO of Fleetwork, said: “As technology runs at unimaginable speeds and things constantly change, we carefully monitor all developments and take under consideration all of our clients’ feedback to ensure that our ERP system is the optimal solution for all needs in ship management. As pioneers in cloud ERP in Greece, we have proven that we can be proactive towards trends and developments and, utilizing the unlimited possibilities and cutting-edge tools of technology, such as Artificial Intelligence, to offer prompt and reliable technologically up-to-date solutions that cover not only today’s but also tomorrow’s needs of our customers”.

In this direction, as part of its participation in the Posidonia Exhibition, on Thursday, June 6, Fleetwork is organizing a conference titled “The Cloud Shipping ERP Era is NOW“, which is expected to gather a large number of shipping executives who want to be informed about tomorrow’s trends, today.

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