Primark releases new ‘chic’ range but shoppers have the same complaint

Primark has stuck its foot in it again, or should we say its arms and legs, after bringing out a new ‘chic’ range that has riled a few customers.

The ‘midweek chic’ items have gone on sale from £6, while Primark has taken to Instagram to promote the clothes with social media models Thanks, it’s my sister’s.

One model wore a pastel blue cardigan with a fur neck lining, while the other had the same in black tied together to show off some midriff.

They also wore plastic trousers in either green or brown, which some users thought gave “90s vibes”.

Each outfit was styled with a matching handbag and thick boots for an extra kick.

Users poured into the comments to share their love of the looks, saying things like “love these cardigans” and “I like these jumpers”.

Others added “they’re lovely” and “love the pastel blue cardigan”.

One user was not so sure though, they said “Giving me sweaty vibes”.

Despite the apparent love for the new look, many shoppers had the same complaint and it is one Primark might want to respond to.

They said the sizes were all off, with some clothes being too big and others too small.

Debronic said: “Can you do a Petite range don’t think you do as I am only 5ft 1 and some of your coats absolutely drown me the length is crazy.”

Kerri chimed in: “I have the same, especially trousers, even some loungewear trousers ridiculously long. I don’t want to end up hemming them, not everyone is tall.”

Confusingly though, another customer had completely the opposite complaint and suggested the sizes were just too small.

Beth said: “Love these, however, please please please can you bring out a tall range for some of your clothing items.

“It doesn’t have to be anything special just a few staples (like a capsule wardrobe) I love your clothing and have bought from you for years but I’m 5″11 and sometimes trousers and some jeans don’t fit me properly and I think it would be so good for all us tall gals and guys and we would appreciate it.”

It does not seem clear whether shoppers have been unlucky, or Primark needs to do more to cater for people of all sizes.

In any case it’s a good idea to try clothes on before you buy.


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