South Australian Demi Georgiou wins PhD Excellence Award for 2022

Demi Georgiou has won the Healthy Development Adelaide (HDA) and Channel 7 Children’s Research Foundation (CRF) PhD Excellence Award for 2022.

Georgiou is a PhD candidate within Medical Biochemistry, College of Medicine and Public Health at Flinders University.

Her research project, ‘Elucidating the biological importance of Pregnancy Zone Protein (PZP),’ will provide much needed insight into the functions of PZP, a major pregnancy-associated protein.

Georgiou is a PhD candidate at Flinders University.

The project will also increase our understanding of the role of damaged proteins in Preeclampsia, a leading cause of pregnancy-related morbidity and mortality.

After the award announcement, Georgiou said she was “incredibly honoured and grateful” to have won.

“This award will support me in my research and the knowledge gained from my project has the potential to be used as the foundation for developing novel therapeutic strategies for preeclampsia,” she added.

Georgiou’s project was one of two to win the PhD Excellence Award, with Joshua Robinson from the Adelaide Medical School at The University of Adelaide also being recognised for his work on the impact of asthma during pregnancy.

Each winner will now receive $5,000 per annum for three years to augment their scholarships.


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