South Australian Philippa Tsirgiotis details her path to a successful career in STEM

Back in April 2021, Philippa Tsirgiotis was given the best biomedical engineering project award by Adelaide’s Flinders University. Now she has her dream job at Lockheed Martin.

In a recent interview, Philippa shares how her higher education set her on a path to success in STEM (Science, Technology Engineering, and Mathematics) as a female.

“[It] started when I was in high school and I had an amazing female physics teacher who really inspired me,” Philippa explained.

Philippa Tsirgiotis (left) and Adam Perryman received Playford Trust Honours Scholarships last year.

“[There were] female role models at uni as well… Everyone in the teaching teams and everything was always extremely supportive.

“I never felt sort of put down or discriminated against or anything. I felt like Flinders was a really amazing place to be a woman in STEM.”

Philippa at the award ceremony with Senior Lecturer from Flinders University, David Hobbs. Photo: Twitter / David Hobbs.

In her time studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) (Honours) at the university, Philippa was offered an opportunity to be involved with the development of a medical device known as a shoulder mobiliser.

Later, she was asked to continue working on the project as part of her Master of Engineering (Biomed) and says it was a great opportunity “to have continuity work on something that could have a real-life impact to patients.”

Now, she encourages others to study at the university and get involved in a STEM career.


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