Southampton told “hands off – the railways belong to Eastleigh”

The Eastleigh MP has told Southampton to ‘stick to maritime’ as the two areas battle it out to become home to Great British Railways.

The new public body to manage the country’s rail network is looking at where its headquarters should be.

It’ll create hundreds of new jobs.

In a statement on his Facebook page, Eastleigh’s Paul Holmes said: “A few weeks ago, I launched my campaign to bring the headquarters of Great British Railways to Eastleigh.

“This week I spoke in Parliament about why Eastleigh is the perfect location for this new public body. We have the history, we have the right transport links and we’re a proper ‘Railway Town’.

“I also noted that Leader of Southampton City Council is considering a rival bid for the headquarters of Great British Railways.

“My message to Southampton, as I said in my speech, is simple: “Hands Off – the railways belong to Eastleigh.”


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