Support measures for farmers expected in Cyprus

Support measures for farmers at EU level are expected soon, Agriculture Minister Costas Kadis said on Thursday urging farmers not to panic.

Prior to a meeting at the offices of the Cyprus Agricultural Payments Organisation (KOAP), the Minister said he will attend on Monday the EU Agriculture Ministers Council to discuss ways to support the sector.

He said there was no need to panic, as, his Ministry’s focus was on how to support farmers and livestock farmers during this difficult period and that they can expect more specific announcements on measures after the EU Council meeting.

“We expect that in the coming period, support will come to our farmers, especially livestock farmers, who have suffered the most pressure due to rising grain prices, so that they can remain viable and active,” he added.

Kadis also said, responding to a question about grain shortages, that the government was able to secure 20,000 tonnes of corn, which will soon arrive in Cyprus and it is expected in the coming days to secure another 16,000 tonnes of barley. He said that these quantities will be in stock and will be given by the government to the market only when necessary, such as in case livestock farmers are not able to acquire the necessary quantities from grain importers.

Asked about price increases, the Minister said that since the same period last year, there has been an increase in grain prices to the tune of 70%, which, inevitably, has affected farmers and consumers.

He said that the government has recently introduced the possibility of a ceiling on grain prices in case profiteering is observed.

Agricultural Payments Commissioner, Andreas Kyprianou, said cooperation between KOAP and the Agriculture Ministry was very important to be able to deal with the problems farmers face due to the pandemic but also the war in Ukraine.

He called on farmers “not to panic,” as decisions for support measures are expected.


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