Swedish PM and Security Services criticised for cleaner on deportation list

Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has come under fire after a cleaner hired for her home in Nacka was found to be facing a deportation order. The Swedish Security Services was heavily criticised over the incident.

“I have terminated all contacts with the cleaning company”, Andersson said via her press secretary. “Even those of us who want to do the right thing can be exposed to dishonest actors”, she added.

Andersson also stated that “the responsible authorities will get to the bottom of this and clarify what happened”.

The information that a wanted person has been working at the prime minister’s home is “very serious” from a security perspective, security expert Dick Malmlund told Radio Ekot in an interview.

“Anything could have happened at the home of the Swedish Prime minister, it is a scandal”, he said.

The Swedish Security Services, Säpo (Säkerhetspolisen), have declared to Expressen that it is not their responsibility to check people in senior politicians’ private homes.

“Aren’t those responsible on their toes in this situation? How can a person who is here illegally be allowed to clean our prime minister’s house? And from Nicaragua nevertheless, whose relations with Russia are at least good in intelligence terms. Who is responsible?”, security expert Johan Wiktorin asked on Twitter.

It is unclear whether Andersson is now staying at the address in Nacka or whether she is living in Sagerska huset,  the PM’s residence in central Stockholm.

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