The Cyprus government is sending dangerous political messages by erecting a fence along the ‘Green Line’

AKEL on the government’s decision to erect a fence along the ‘Green Line’

The government’s decision to install an 11-kilometer barbed wire fence along the ‘Green Line’ in rural Nicosia to prevent the flow of migrants from the occupied territories, which anything but serves the declared purpose, also sends out dangerous political messages. In addition to the fact that nowhere in the world has the issue of immigration been resolved by the installation of fences and construction of walls, additional questions arise:

  • What messages is the Cypriot government conveying, at a critical political juncture, with an action that refers to a delimitation of a border of the Republic of Cyprus?

• Rural communities are protesting about this development. For that reason, the question arises as to whether there has been any prior consultation whatsoever with these communities, whose inhabitants pass through or engage in agricultural activities in these areas.


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