The Cyprus President discussed a two states solution in 2017 with many people

AKEL GS: The President discussed a two states solution in 2017 with many people giving the right to some to insist on it
5th May 2021, Astra radio station
Political will must exist on both sides for the solution of difficult problems surrounding the Cyprus problem, the General Secretary of AKEL Andros Kyprianou pointed out in the morning edition of Astra radio station, stressing that that the Turkish and Turkish Cypriot stance did not permit a substantive discussion to take place in Geneva.
The General Secretary of AKEL underlined, nonetheless, that neither did the Greek Cypriot side attempt to make it difficult for Turkey. As he said, things were allowed to develop on their own without any intervention attempted.
At the same time, A. Kyprianou pointed out that from 2017 President Anastasiades had discussions with many people about the possibility of a two state solution, even in the form of a reflection, a fact that the General Secretary of AKEL said grants the right to someone to think in this direction and insist on it.
He went on to say that in this way the Greek Cypriot side’s credibility is undermined and the right is given to others to raise the issue of a two state solution.
Furthermore, the General Secretary of AKEL stressed that a separation must be made between the Turkish Cypriots who want a two state solution from those who disagree with it. He added that those who portray themselves as being “super patriots” succeed only in facilitating Turkey to promote its goals.
The General Secretary of AKEL also said that the Secretary General of the UN has a specific role to play, adding that he cannot deviate from the terms of his mandate and act as an “arbitrator”.



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