The Greek Australian Women’s Network continues its seminars with Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos

The Greek Australian Women’s Network, Food For Thought Network continues its informative seminars with its Patron, Professor Vasso Apostolopoulos.

This year alone, there have been outbreaks of the Hepatitis virus, Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, Monkeypox, Buruli ulcer, langya and in the last few days, tomato flu has also been in the spotlight.

There is so much confusion and misinformation regarding these viruses.

The Network’s Patron will give a seminar on Sunday, September 11 to provide an update on new outbreaks as many are unsure of the severity of these new viruses or variants.

Professor Apostolopoulos will answer questions such as: What are these viruses? Why are there all these outbreaks? and What do we know so far?

During the seminar, the Professor will also discuss what is known and what’s next.

“We are extremely lucky to have our Patron Professor Apostolopoulos to update us on these important health issues, knowing the pressures she has juggling a demanding career and a family,” the Founder and Chair of The Food for Thought Network, Varvara Athanasiou-Ioannou, said.

“It is an honour to have Professor Apostolopoulos as our patron in light of her global and valuable contribution to the field of science.

“The human values that govern her and her dedication to the family institution are in line with the values of our network. Vasso represents the ultimate role model for our young women.”

The online seminar is free of charge but you need to book here to receive the zoom link.

Date: Sunday, September 11 at 7pm, Melbourne time – 12pm.


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