THI Launches Its 2021 Annual Easter Appeal Helping Families throughout Greece

NEW YORK – In Greece, the essence of holidays is enjoying loving and memorable meals with one’s family and friends, but due to the pandemic more people than usual are at risk of marking Greek Orthodox Easter on May 2 experiencing hunger rather than joy.

The Hellenic Initiative’s annual Easter Appeal will help enrich Pascha tables all over Greece. Donations received by THI will be distributed to the philanthropic organizations it has been working with since 2012. Those groups brought relief to the neediest during the Greek economic crisis while THI simultaneously worked with organizations contributing to Greece’s economic revitalization by helping build new companies and generating jobs.

Among the most respected NGO’s in Greece are the Food Bank, the Ladies Union of Drama, a city and prefecture in Northern Greece, and the ‘Diatrofi’ program of the Prolepsis Institute.

Through THI’s support, the Food Bank at its locations throughout Greece purchases food items otherwise rarely donated to them but very important for a healthy diet. The Food Bank works with 113 different food companies and 150 soup kitchens, helping around 43,000 beneficiaries.

This Easter season, THI donations, through the Ladies Union of Drama, will ensure that 1700 family members are supported. Seventy percent of the work force consists of volunteers who facilitate the donation of tons of food which would otherwise be wasted.

The Prolepsis program of the Diatrofi Institute provides a healthy and nutritional school lunch to thousands of children around Greece. This academic year THI is helping children of kindergarten age receive around 14,400 meals.

George P. Stamas, THI Board President, stated: “We are asking our members and friends to join us in supporting the Food Bank in Athens and other parts of Greece, and other worthy and effective charities. They will be helping us support families in need build better lives based on thriving and not surviving!”

Peter J. Poulos, THI’s Executive Director, said: “We always say ‘with your help we can do more! #OliMazi,’ but this time of year our appeals mean even more and we thank our donors for supporting our work and wish them and their families Kalo Pascha – Happy Easter.”

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