Trader Joe’s Greek Products Get The Greek Family Taste Test

Trader Joe’s has a wide variety of items inspired by cuisines from all around the world. But, people wondered, would its Greek food actually impress my Greek parents?  It was time for the ultimate taste test.

So Annetta Konstantinides, Senior Lifestyle Reporter at the site Insider, had her parents, who came to the United States from Greece, try out 15 of the chain store’s Greek food stuffs.

“They loved Trader Joe’s spanakopita, 5 Cheese Greek Spiral, ‘feta’ cheese, and tzatziki. But my parents weren’t fans of Trader Joe’s Classic Greek Salad, olive tapenade, or Greek chickpeas,” she said, the last a classic dish called revithia. 

The tyropita, a 5-Greek cheese in a spiral that contained blue cheese not in a classic dish got a good review as did another frozen dish, the spanakopita.

The tzatziki was “very creamy,” her dad said and they said the Greek yogurt compared favorably to a top Greek brand, Fage. But not the packaged Greek salad, proving it should be made fresh. “It’s trying to be Greek, but it’s not Greek,” her mom said.


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