UK Cypriot creates e-book for those seeking a career in Mental Health

Like many Psychology students, Eleni Panayiotou, born in Birmingham, but whose family originates from Mazotos and Kiti in Cyprus, graduated from university feeling quite lost in terms of where to start with looking for full-time work in the field of mental health.
“I had sought out support from various careers advisors at university, however this was primarily guidance on how to be accepted onto the highly competitive ‘clinical psychology doctorate’ that I knew I was a long way from yet!” she explained, adding, “I needed shorter term goals and information about how to start a full-time career in the field of psychology straight from undergrad.”
Following a good few months of searching, applying and various rejections, Eleni is now working as a Trainee Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) within an NHS Trust.
She has also written a 32-page guidance e-book for those seeking a career in Mental Health. Titled ‘Psychology Degree – Now What?’ – A Guide To Securing Your First Job In Mental Health, it offers a range of tips and tricks on how you can kickstart your mental health career.
Eleni explores:
– How to get Mental Health Work Experience by Thinking Outside of the Box
– How to create a Mental Health Specific CV
– Tips for applying for Psychology Roles
– Best practices for Psychology Related Interviews
– Tips for organisation
– Mental health related interview tips (including Trainee PWP specific guidance)
….and many more useful aspects of the application process that Eleni wish she knew when she had just graduated!
Eleni, 23, shares her experiences of working in a mental health service and treating patients with depression and anxiety orders, with her community of 2,500 Psychology Students through her Instagram account, @pscyhsia.
The e-book can be ordered at or feel free to reach out to Eleni directly if you have any questions through Instagram.


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