UK hot weather forecast: Red hot 31C Mediterranean heatwave to roast Britain – new maps

The latest heat maps from NetWeather have turned red to show blistering highs of 31C gripping France this week on Thursday, September 2. The shades of red are then seen sweeping upwards towards southern Britain on the same day, with London and Kent basking in 23C, while Brighton, Southampton and Portsmouth see 22C. The heat could stick around a few days later on Saturday, September 4, as highs of 31C continue to dominate France.

The hot air could then send temperatures soaring further in the UK, with London , Kent and Essex getting hit with 25C on the same day.

Further north, Peterborough and Norwich could see 24C and Leeds and Doncaster are set to enjoy 23C.

Tony Zartman, a forecaster at Accuweather, predicted high pressure from Spain and France, which are located along the Mediterranean coast in Europe, to help send temperatures soaring in the UK during the first part of September.

He told “The overall weather pattern over the next couple of weeks will be one in which high pressure is expected to stretch from Spain and France north through the United Kingdom.

“This will bring general settled conditions overall with temperatures running near to slightly above normal in most places.

“The greatest chance for warm weather will be over western parts of the UK, particularly in Northern Ireland, Wales, western Scotland, western England.

“During this two-week stretch, there can also be some weak fronts moving through. But, in general, there will be more settled days.

“The second half of September is more uncertain.

“Temperatures may continue to be near-to-above normal.

“However, there may also be greater opportunity for fronts to bring spells of rain if the area of high pressure weakens.”

Brian Gaze, a forecaster at Weather Outlook, also predicted September to start on a dry note this week.

He said: “Most of the UK remains dry through the rest of the bank holiday period. Cloud amounts vary.


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