Ukrainian footballers affected by Russian invasion free to change clubs outside of transfer windows

Ukrainian footballers are free to change clubs outside of transfer windows, following a temporary rule change by FIFA.

Football has largely pulled together in support of Ukraine, amid the invasion of the country by Russian forces, with the Ukrainian Premier League suspended and some sports stars joining the defence of their homeland.

On Wednesday, FIFA announced the opportunity for footballers unable to play during the war to change clubs, in an an amendment to the Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players (RSTP).

“Ukrainian players may be allowed to be registered with another club even if that registration period is closed in the association of the club with which they intend to be registered,” FIFA said in a statement.

“FIFA will continue to monitor the situation in Ukraine closely to ensure that the regulatory framework reflects any developments.

“It also continues to condemn the ongoing use of force by Russia in Ukraine and calls for a rapid cessation of hostilities and for a return to peace.”

The statement added that clubs will be allowed to register a maximum of two professional players under this amendment.

Earlier this month, FIFA said they would open a special transfer window for foreign players stranded in Russia. Players’ union FIFPRO criticised the move for being a “timid” temporary measure.

Additional reporting by Reuters.


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