UN Secretary General envoy’s visit to Cyprus

Our hope is that the visit of Mrs. Lute, envoy of the UN Secretary General, to Cyprus and her meetings with the leaders of the two communities will signal positive steps on the Cyprus problem. AKEL had and still has the position that in the face of the difficulties put and the provocative stand taken by Turkey, the Greek Cypriot side must take initiatives aimed at putting pressure on the occupying power so that its attempt to promote a two state solution is annulled. Initiatives that should be taken to remove any of its pretexts and really expose it, with the steadfast aim of the resumption of negotiations on the agreed basis and framework. Our proposal on how we believe the Greek Cypriot community must act has been in the hands of President Anastasiades since the end of last December.

AKEL once again makes it clear in all directions that the scene that is taking shape on the Cyprus problem is extremely dangerous for the future of our country and people. The danger of the colonisation of the enclosed city of Famagusta and the definitive partition of our island has never more visible than it is today. Only the achievement of a solution can liberate and reunite our land and ensure a safe future for Cyprus and the Cypriot people.


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