You’re Home Good with Greek Food at Estia in Metro Detroit

Detroit is famous for its Greektown and there’s plenty of restaurants there and in the metro area but one of them – Estia Greek Street Food – took its concept to where the people are, not just at an eatery. 

Owners George Xenos and Paul Bittas have two locations and a busy food truck that is booked weeks out and will be adding a third in Grosse Pointe Woods later this summer, The Detroit News said.

Estia means Home in Greek, even a truck moving around. “We grew up eating this food,” said Xenos. “This is a little more street-food orientated, but it’s still Greek. We use the same ingredients we grew up eating at our dinner table, as cliché as it may sound.”

The idea fit into the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic when lockdowns kept people from eating inside restaurants for months on end.

“We did this because of the new dining dynamic,” said Xenos. “We found that larger dining rooms are no longer necessary. We are quick, we are nicely priced and we’ll feed your family with pretty awesome food, pretty healthy food, too.”


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