11 December 2021: This day in history

1620: Mayflower Pilgrims come ashore at in Plymouth Bay, traditionally thought to be at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts [NS, Dec 21]

1792: France’s King Louis XVI goes on trial, accused of high treason and crimes against the state

1913: “Mona Lisa” recovered 2 years after it was stolen from the Louvre Museum

1931: Statute of Westminster gives complete legislative independence to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Ireland (Free State), and Newfoundland (not then part of Canada)

1936: Edward VIII announces in a radio broadcast that he is abdicating the British throne to marry Wallis Simpson

1946: UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) established (Nobel 1965)

1997: Delegates from 150 industrial nations attending a UN climate conference in Kyoto, Japan, reach agreement to control heat-trapping greenhouse gases


Source: Onthisday.com

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