15 August 2022: This day in history

1461: Empire of Trebizond surrenders to forces of Sultan Mehmet II – last Byzantine Empire remnant to fall. Emperor David exiled and later murdered.

1620: Mayflower sets sail from Southampton, England, with 102 Pilgrims

1900: The Boxer Rebellion: In China, the Empress, her family and court retainers flee while foreign troops move through Peking in an attempt to quell the rebellion

1947: India gains independence from Great Britain, remains a dominion until 1950

1998: Omagh Bombing in Northern Ireland, the worst terrorist incident of The Troubles, kills 29 people and injures about 220

2021: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani flees the country as Taliban forces enter the capital Kabul and take control


Source: Onthisday.com

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