23 May 2024: This day in history

1618: Second Defenestration of Prague: Two Catholic Lords Regent and their secretary are thrown out of a window and amazingly are not seriously injured by the 70 foot (21m) fall. Triggers the Thirty Years’ War.

1785: Benjamin Franklin announces his invention of bifocals

1813: South American independence leader Simón Bolívar enters Mérida, leading the invasion of Venezuela, and is proclaimed El Libertador (The Liberator)

1934:American outlaws Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow – Bonnie and Clyde, are killed by police in an ambush near Sailes, Louisiana

1949: Federal Republic of [West] Germany created out of the American, British and French occupation zones

1958: Mao Zedong starts the “Great Leap Forward” movement in China, kills between 23 and 55 million Chinese citizens due to famine and forced labor

1998: The Good Friday Agreement is accepted in a referendum in Northern Ireland with 75% voting yes


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