25 September 2022: This day in history

1066: Battle of Stamford Bridge: English army under King Harold II defeat invading Norwegians led by King Harald Hardrada and Harold’s brother Tostig, who were both killed

1237: Treaty of York signed between kings Henry III of England and Alexander II of Scotland which establishes a boundary between the two countries (mostly unchanged in modern times)

1513: Spanish explorer Vasco Nunez de Balboa crosses the Panama Isthmus becoming first European to see the Pacific Ocean

1789: US Congress proposes the Bill of Rights

1906: Leonardo Torres Quevedo successfully demonstrates the Telekino at Bilbao before a great crowd, guiding a boat from the shore, considered the birth of the remote control

1926: Henry Ford announces an 8 hour, 5-day work week for workers at the Ford Motor Company

1981: Sandra Day O’Connor sworn in as the 1st female US Supreme Court Justice


Source: Onthisday.com

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