Aberdeen’s Little Corner of Greece – Christos Taverna – Now Gone

COVID-19 lockdowns were too much for the popular Christos Greek Taverna in Aberdeen, Scotland to survive, despite a loyal client base which has found itself lamenting the loss as it’s set to close July 3.

The taverna opened in 1991 and built a reputation for good food and service as a family-based business but owner Christos posted on Facebook that, “it is really heartbreaking to let you all know that after 30 years we have to close our Taverna for good,” The Evening Express said.

“The continuation of the restrictions and the uncertainty hit our business very hard. I don’t want to go to more details at this moment but it is a difficult situation,” he said. Restrictions and the pandemic forced his hand, sadly, he said.

One customer on Facebook said, Oh no … so so sorry to hear this. This is devastating for so many people but it must be even more heartbreaking for you … why do bad things happen to great people? I hope you and yours find some consolation in knowing that you have been the best place to go to in Aberdeen”.


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