About 100 Turkish Cypriots demand state compensation for property loss

The Management of Turkish Cypriot Properties Service has, so far, reviewed about 100 cases of Turkish Cypriots demanding compensation for loss of property in the government-controlled areas.

In fact, 15 of these cases were sent to court with all rulings being against the plaintiffs since their lawyers failed to revert the Law on the Guardian of Turkish Cypriot Properties.

The law legitimizes the Minister of Interior to manage Turkish Cypriot properties in areas under the Republic’s control since the island was divided in 1974 following a Turkish invasion.

Nonetheless, there are also Turkish Cypriots who had left Cyprus before the Turkish invasion and never returned to the island.

This means that they never exploited Greek Cypriot property in the breakaway Turkish-held north. In fact, some of them had emigrated before Cyprus was even declared an independent state in 1960 and were not even citizens of the Republic of Cyprus but have American, English or other citizenship.

And that’s where the Guardian Law of the Republic is vulnerable.

A recent such case involves a Turkish Cypriot with American citizenship who has forced the Republic not only to return his property in coastal Limassol but to also compensate him. Specifically, the state now has to pay an additional €345,000 for its use.

The legal process started in 2013 and is now completed with the submission to Parliament of a supplementary budget of €345,000.

This is in line with the Court’s ruling and the consent of the Republic which was illegally exploiting the Turkish Cypriot’s property.


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