AKEL General Secretary statements on Cyprus government’s pandemic measures

Statements by the General Secretary of the C.C. of AKEL A.Kyprianou during today’s visit to the district of Paphos

“During our visit today to Paphos we held meetings and contacts with numerous professional groups and associations to examine the problems they face due to the ongoing pandemic, but also because of the measures that have been adopted by the government.
Let me just say that the government’s replies can be summarized as follows: “I’m not answering on the substance of the issues being raised, I misinform, distort and distract from the real substance of the problems raised”. What we have heard today confirms what we have been saying to the government lately. For sure, we are all interested in public health, in safeguarding people’s lives and this is the first and most important obligation that guides us in the formulation of any positions on the issues related to combating the pandemic.
At the same time, however, other factors must also be taken into account, such as people’s mental health and economic situation, which I must say affects a very large number of people and professionals who are facing enormous financial difficulties.
AKEL also raises the issue of social and political action based on the positions taken by international organizations. The UN, the European Court of Human Rights, the Council of Europe and Amnesty International have all spoken out on these issues, stating that there must be proportionality in the measures to be taken.
Firstly, AKEL calls on the government to listen to the desperate cry of these people and to take measures that are balanced. Secondly, I consider that it’s a universal demand that emphasis must be placed on bringing more vaccines to Cyprus. Rapid tests simply show you whether you are sick or not and huge amounts of funds are being spent on carrying out these tests. I am not saying that rapid tests mustn’t be done. They must, but at the same time we should bring more vaccines from destinations other than the EU. The scientists and experts tell us that only through vaccinations will we be able to return to our normality.
That is precisely why AKEL’s appeal to the government is for more vaccines to be secured and for more balanced measures to be approved. In order for everyone to be able to deal with the enormous difficulties that have arisen from the pandemic, which are objective difficulties, we don’t need to provoke more of them with the decisions taken by the government. This is AKEL’s approach.
In all the meetings we had without exception – with POVEK, the owners of Tutoring Centres, Dance Schools and Gyms – I must tell you that we heard a cry of agony which the government must at long last listen to, instead of accusing AKEL of engaging in destructive opposition.”


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