Alexandra Halaris Competing for Title of Ms. Health and Fitness 2021

NEW YORK – Alexandra Halaris is competing for title of Ms. Health and Fitness 2021 in the popular Muscle and Fitness HERS magazine and trying to get as many votes as possible. So far she is only in the 2nd place. There is one free vote daily every 24 hours and also warrior votes and funds go to disabled veterans. Voting for the Top 5 ends Thursday, July 8, 7PM PDT.

Halaris shared the competition link with The National Herald, hoping to gain more votes via social media links, including through Facebook. More information is available online:

Halaris told Muscle and Fitness HERS magazine about her recommendations for “others who want to be fit and healthy,” noting that people should “start slow and be honest with yourself. Begin modifying your diet slowly I will say with exchanging for example a dessert with a fruit, etc! Pick wholesome foods instead of packaged and prep your meals. Start walking if you never workout and start adding weights or even join a group class. Think positive and pat yourself on the back for every little progress.”

When asked “how does fitness positively influence your life?” Halaris said: “Losing my dad from cancer was tough. I had gained about 25 pounds and took up to finish Athens Greece Marathon, then Miami Marathon and I successfully finished. Now I am addicted to CrossFit. Fitness positively influences my life, helps me mentally and physically. My new body is still in progress.”

When asked what she would do if she was the next Ms. Health and Fitness and what she would do with $20,000?

“Since COVID-19 I have lost my job for over a year now. I work in hospitality! I actually will use it to pay off some of my medical bills and will donate the rest to Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital to help others with cancer treatment.”


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