Ban Iranian Revolutionary Guard as terrorist group after ‘brazen’ flag incident, says senior MP

Ministers have been urged to proscribe Iran’s revolutionary guard as a terrorist organisation after its flag was brazenly unfurled in central London at an anti-Israeli rally this weekend.

Tom Tugendhat, Tory chair of the foreign affairs committee, urged the government to follow the US in banning the guard which would be the first state group to be proscribed.

He said it was “disturbing” to see the flag of a “terrorist organisation” flagrantly displayed on Britain’s streets.

One of the main Iranian news agencies has been screening the display of the flag of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), which has been blamed for fomenting jihad around the world and was proscribed as a terrorist organisation by the US in 2019.

It was unfurled during an anti-Israel demonstration in Trafalgar Square on Saturday May 22, with its distinctive automatic gun insignia.

In addition, a black and white flag of the Hashd Al-Sha’abi – also known as the Popular Mobilisation Forces, PMF – is visible in the video.

The Hashd Al-Sha’abi, which was formed in 2014 during the conflict with Islamic State, is an Iraqi umbrella organisation comprised of 40 mostly Shi’a militia groups.

Tom Tugendhat, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee, said: “It is disturbing to see the flag of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps being so brazenly displayed on the streets of London.

“This is a terrorist organisation that is responsible for sowing instability across the Middle East and promotes Islamist extremism all over the world.

“The US has proscribed this vile organisation; the UK Government should do the same, as recommended by the Foreign Affairs Select Committee. We should never have to see its flags on British streets again.”

The pictures have been documented by Policy Exchange’s understanding Islamism project.



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