Brexit: Frost throws down gauntlet to EU as he drops FIVE bombshells on Brussels

The top Government minister has repeatedly urged the EU to renegotiate the Northern Ireland protocol – which has effectively kept the province in the bloc’s customs union. This has outraged its Unionist community – which argues that it threatens their British identity – and “must be changed”, the Tory peer said today.

Setting out his post-Brexit vision for Britain, Lord Frost laid out five key areas of interest.

He said: “First Brexit has changed our international interests and hence will change our patterns of European relationships.

“Not necessarily fundamentally – but significantly.

“Second that Brexit means competition.

“We will be setting a different path on economic policy.

“Third that Brexit was about democracy.

“It is a democratic project that is bringing politics back home.

“Fourth that the EU and us have got into a low equilibrium somewhat fractious relationship. And it takes two to fix it.

“And fifth, fixing the serious problem we have with the Northern Ireland Protocol is a prerequisite for getting to that better place.”


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