Britons condemn Biden: New poll makes grim reading for US President

The British public last night condemned Joe Biden for the crisis in Afghanistan as they expressed fears the turmoil could lead to fresh terror attacks here.

A poll for the Daily Mail found the President’s decision to pull out US troops was considered wrong by almost two to one.

Mr Biden is seen as most to blame for the Taliban’s victory, just ahead of Donald Trump.

Almost half (49 per cent) say their view of Mr Biden has worsened. But the results of the JL Partners survey, the first major poll conducted since the collapse of Afghanistan, also make grim reading for Boris Johnson.

Nearly seven in ten (67 per cent) feel the Prime Minister and his team have not been in control of the situation, including 58 per cent of Tory voters.


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And the majority (51 per cent) believe he should have done more to persuade Mr Biden not to pull out his troops so soon.

However, there is a reluctance for British soldiers to remain in the country, with around six in ten (58 per cent) opposed to them staying on their own without the Americans alongside them.

More than half (51 per cent) said ministers have not done enough to help Afghan interpreters who helped British troops find refuge along with their families.

The Mail has highlighted the urgent issue over the six years of our award-winning Betrayal Of The Brave campaign. A majority (53 per cent) said Britain should do more to accept refugees fleeing the Taliban, compared to just one in five who disagreed.

Only eight per cent said they believed Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab has handled the crisis well, with 13 per cent saying the same about the Prime Minister. Both Mr Raab and Mr Johnson were on holiday as Kabul fell to the advancing fanatics.

The PM returned from his break in the West Country on Sunday afternoon for a Cobra meeting in Whitehall, while the Foreign Secretary, who had been in Crete, eventually arrived back in the country in early hours of Monday. Nearly four in ten (38 per cent) said Mr Raab came back from his holiday too slowly, while 33 per cent said Mr Johnson had not returned quickly enough.

However, only a fifth of voters (20 per cent) wanted either the Foreign Secretary or the Prime Minister to resign. And even fewer – eight per cent – thought Defence Secretary Ben Wallace should go.

The poll revealed growing fears about the threat of terrorism in the wake of the Taliban takeover. An overwhelming 59 per cent said Britain’s safety has worsened, while 55 per cent warned they believe the risk of a terror attack in this country has grown.

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Almost a third (30 per cent) expressed concern that their own personal safety is now worse.

Four in ten (40 per cent) said Britain’s influence on the world stage has declined.

The US is still seen as the most powerful nation by 41 per cent, but it was only five points higher than China on 36 per cent. However despite the chaos in Afghanistan, Britons still preferred Mr Biden to his predecessor, Mr Trump, to handle the situation by 38 per cent to 20 per cent.

Almost six in ten (59 per cent) expressed the belief the 457 British military personnel killed in Afghanistan died for nothing. Some 65 per cent said the West has let down Afghan women and children, while 53 per cent expect UK troops will eventually have to go back.

JL Partners interviewed 1,040 adults in Britain yesterday.

Source: Dailymail.co.uk

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