Cyber gang blackmails Cypriot university to pay $100K

The notorious Medusa ransomware gang is asking for $100,000 from the Open University of Cyprus following a cyberattack on the institution’s digital platforms, with data samples already leaked online to prove they are not kidding. 

According to OUC, the IT department “detected a malicious attack on the university’s file server” which took place on March 27, prompting the online distance-learning university to shut down central services and critical systems.

Medusa has claimed the cyberattack and reportedly gave the university 14 days to pay $100,000, saying that otherwise the data would be leaked online.

According to experts, the Medusa ransomware terminates crucial services and processes for Windows operating programs and penetrates file backup systems while targeting mail servers, database servers, and security software.
Local media said student lists with personal information, financial details of research contractors, and other information have already appeared online.

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