Cyprus Sunday’s Parliamentary Elections

Message from the General Secretary of AKEL A. Kyprianou on Sunday’s Parliamentary Elections
28th May 2021, AKEL C.C. Press Office, Nicosia
On Sunday we are called upon to cast our vote and reply to the crucial question: who do we want strong in Parliament to defend Cyprus and Cypriot society?
The Turkish side’s provocative stand with its unacceptable demand for a two-state solution and its aggressive actions in the Exclusive Economic Zone outline a bleak future for our country. Unfortunately, Mr. Anastasiades and DISY have proved that they do not have as their priority a vision for the reunification of Cyprus, nor do they have the correct tactics to protect us from Turkey’s plans.
All through the period of the Anastasiades-DISY government, the rich became richer and the poor poorer. Meagre wages, flexible working hours, personal contracts, a dismantled welfare state. The Anastasiades-DISY government provided every means to the banks to act arbitrarily and left all those affected by the economic crisis unprotected, terrified about when their house and work will be foreclosed. They abandoned them to live in uncertainty.
While the majority of society is struggling to make ends meet, corruption and entanglement/interwoven interests are flourishing during Mr. Anastasiades’ administration. The cronies, friends, best men and relatives have grown richer all these years with the feast of millions set up with the ‘golden’ passports scheme and other scandals. Everything our people built in previous years was sold off little by little, as they did with the Cooperative Bank. With the government and the ruling DISY party as the moral perpetrators, corruption and entanglement have discredited Cyprus internationally and institutions have been severely undermined.
The coronavirus crisis has come to prove once again the government ruling force’s inability to take correct and coherent decisions. But it also demonstrated the need that exists in every modern society for a quality public health system, for a public education system and for a strong welfare state.
It is therefore necessary for citizens to go to the polls on Sunday to give strength to the force that is struggling for Cyprus, for society, for the many. To give strength to AKEL.
We have a vision for the Cyprus of tomorrow. A free and reunited Cyprus. A country that will be a model of harmonious coexistence of two communities, that will have managed to drive out the armies and channel all its forces and resources towards social investment and economic development.
We have elaborated positions and proposals for the protection of labour rights, for the strengthening of the welfare state, for the provision of support of all those in need. We have submitted positions and proposals to stamp out corruption and entanglement/interwoven interests. To enhance public health and public education. We have positions and proposals for a sustainable and clean Cyprus, with a strong environmental policy that will ensure the future.
Sunday’s elections are the time to send a strong message to Mr. Anastasiades and the ruling DISY party. That we can no longer withstand and endure anti-social policies, corruption, authoritarianism and arrogance. That we want policies for the interests and needs of the many. That the countdown has begun for them.
We want progressive change. Without a strong AKEL, change cannot happen.
On Sunday the people must give strength to its force. To give strength to AKEL. To give strength to the steadfast, serious and consistent force that defends the people.
Let’s move forward dynamically!
Together with AKEL!
With honesty.
With clarity.
With sincerity.



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