According to an announcement by the Statistical Service, tourist arrivals for the period January – July 2022 also showed an increase, compared to the corresponding period last year.

Specifically, for the period January – July 2022, tourist arrivals totaled 1,676,039 compared to 638,292 in the corresponding period of 2021, while 320,589 were arrivals in the period January – July 2020. In the period January – July 2019, the arrivals were 2,181,994.

According to the Statistical Service, arrivals from the United Kingdom were the main source of tourism for the previous month, with a share of 38.2% (173,874) of total arrivals. They are followed by arrivals from Israel with a percentage of 8.4% (38.269), from Poland with 4.7% (21.285), from Germany with 4.7% (21,280), from Sweden with 4.3% (19.732 ) and from Greece with 3.4% (15.450).

Regarding the purpose of the trip for July 2022, the Statistical Service reports that 84.9% of tourists chose Cyprus for vacation, 12.2% visited friends or relatives and 2.8% came to Cyprus for business purposes. For the last July, the respective percentages reached 85.0%, 11.3%, and 3.7%.