Easter tourism set to soar

Tourism traffic this Easter is expected to break the record for the holidays, even surpassing pre-pandemic levels. Occupancy at hotels that will be open from Holy Week is already moving above 90% and in some cases even close to 100%, depending on the destination.

At the same time, ferry traffic based on ticket sales so far is showing a steep increase and occupancy rates of over 90% on the ships set to sail. The largest Greek shipping company, Attica Group, has launched an additional ferry boat this year, with a passenger capacity of 1,700, in order to meet the demand for trips to island destinations.

Meanwhile, according to data from the European Organization for Aviation Safety (Eurocontrol), the number of flights in Greece in April is expected to increase by 10-15% compared to last year, a period in which the number of flights was the same as in the corresponding month of 2019, the last before the pandemic.

The close proximity of the Western and Orthodox Easter holidays this year has also contributed significantly to the increased air activity in Greece over the next 10 days. Western Easter precedes Orthodox Easter by just a week, creating the conditions for increased passenger traffic both on the part of Greeks returning for holidays in their home country and foreign travelers, as well as from Greeks traveling abroad for the holidays, airline industry sources clarify.

The number of flights scheduled at Athens International Airport has increased, while around 1,190 aircraft are expected to arrive at the 14 regional airports from Holy Wednesday to Easter Monday. However, the extent of the occupancy of the scheduled aircraft remains to be clarified, the same sources note.

Aegean Airlines sources speak of a strong momentum that was already visible in the first quarter and which is now supported by the timing of the Western and Orthodox Easters and by the greater willingness of citizens to travel.

In addition, the ferry season is now starting with both seasonal and additional sailings, to meet the demand for passenger transport as well as trucks supplying the islands. According to Attica Group, traffic to the Cyclades shows occupancy rates close to 100%.


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