Equipping Special Forces with drones a top priority

Pretty soon, all Special Forces operators will have so-called “loitering munitions” in their backpacks. Ministry of Defense officials are at an advanced stage of talks with their US counterparts to procure Switchblade systems.

Also known colloquially, if not entirely accurately, as “suicide,” “kamikaze” or “exploding” drones, these systems are designed to “loiter” around a hidden target and home in once it is exposed.

The older Switchblade 300 systems were introduced in 2011 and were widely publicized in the Ukraine war. The newer 600s, introduced in 2020, can pierce heavy armor.

Defense Ministry officials envisage all enlisted personnel trained in the use of loitering munitions in the near future.

A crucial aspect of spreading the use of such systems would be domestic production. But investment in such production is, at present, beyond the capabilities of local defense industries.

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