Flavour the traditional ‘gold coffee of Cyprus’ at CyWineFest

Although Laiko Coffee is one of the numerous subsidiaries of a larger central company of Cyprus known as LAIKO GROUP which produces its very own alcohol, snacks, candies and pastries, the group is most notably known for its extremely sought-after coffee that can be found on every supermarket shelf in Cyprus. But Cyprus is not the only country that gets to taste a delicious cup of Laiko coffee. Thanks to its amazing collaborator and partner Marathon Foods Ltd, which is the UK’s largest importers of Cypriot, Greek and other Mediterranean food and drinks, Laiko Coffee has been distributed all over the UK.

Laiko Coffee comes in four different varieties to satisfy everyone’s taste buds; Gold traditional ground coffee, filter coffees, espressos, and even decaf.

Furthermore, Laiko Coffee has made great strides in order to make sure that their customers are not only at the receiving end of top-notch coffee products, but that they are also in line with the latest brewing techniques and equipment. As a result, Laiko Coffee has been certified twice by the IQNet Certification body for its coffee and ability to satisfy customer’s needs. IQNet Ltd is a professional body providing auditing, certification and training services to supportsustainability-focused organisations worldwide in pursuing their management commitment and objectives in this field.

The flavour, as well as the rich smell of Laiko Coffee, are nostalgic and reminiscent of the Cypriot culture and tradition. Laiko Coffee has achieved the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity and it exudes an earthy aroma. Today Laiko Coffee is the biggest manufacturing industry of Cypriot Coffee and therefore has rightfully earned the company the slogan ‘’Gold coffee of Cyprus’. It is the best and most coveted Cypriot coffee in Cyprus, Greece and the UK.

Even though its premises are based in Nicosia in Cyprus, Laiko coffee products can be found in many supermarkets, coffee shops and restaurants in the UK. You can even purchase the coffee online.

We are extremely grateful that Laiko coffee is one of the main sponsors of the Cypriot Wine Festival and & Business Expo (CWFExpo). They will have their own stand at the two-day event which takes place on Thursday 2nd and Friday 3rd June at the Lee Valley Athletics Centre, Meridian Way, N9 0AR. If you will be joining in on the fun with us, make sure to visit the Laiko Coffee stand – you will find them together with the KLN-Cyprus Youth Club, serving mouth-watering Cypriot sandwiches accompanied with their flavoursome, aromatic coffee.


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