GCMV introduces mentoring program for future Greek teachers

In a space that constantly changes, all human activity is based on the evolution of innovative decisions and the exchange of new knowledge. The Greek Community of Melbourne, wanting to be one step ahead of the developments, started a pioneering -for the Greek community – mentoring program to guide the future Greek teachers.

This program aims to promote the learning of the Greek language, and to increase the number of young and high spirited people working in our schools; people who will bring fresh ideas to the classroom and will eventually create indestructible bonds between the Greek and the Australian education system.

Graduates students of the Greek Community Schools have been selected to attend the program, with only criteria their love for the Greek language.

Coordinator of the Program is the VCE teacher Mr. Christos Raspa, who underlined that:

“The Greek community of Melbourne, with a deep sense of responsibility, undertakes initiatives for the strengthening of Greek learning in our community. The program aims to  educate young people in our community, in order to equip them with pedagogical tools to allow them to continue teaching the Greek language and culture to the next generations. ”

The Principal of the Greek Community Schools, Mrs. Maria Bakalidou, commented on the new Program saying:

“I am very excited about the Mentoring Program that our Schools have started. A program consisting of young men and women, distinguished by their love for the Greek language.

All these children will bring their fresh ideas and passion to our classrooms, while at the same time, they will function as role models for the students. This is a project that fills us with optimism for the future of the Greek language here in Melbourne”.

While the member of the Educational Committee, Dr. Nikos Dallas, noted: “I am absolutely delighted to have our former students participate in this mentoring program. It’s a win-win situation at all levels.

“We are also able to tackle an issue that would deeply impact the Greek Community otherwise, by addressing the shortage of Greek language teachers. The students themselves will improve their communication and presentation skills, and bolster their confidence in classroom settings. Also, it’s an opportunity for them to give something back to the community by ensuring that Greek language learning remains vibrant with future generations.”


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