Greece planning national strategy for unmanned aircraft systems

The lack of coherent regulation of the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS-Drones) leads to potential risks to safety, security and privacy. In addition, the rapid growth of the specific industry presents economic opportunities that could be exploited to drive innovation and growth, but these opportunities are not being fully implemented due to a lack of coordinated planning and investment.

To address this aspect, Information Society SA has announced an electronic open tender to fill the position of a specialist consultant on a National Strategy for Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS-Drones).

The main objective of a UAS-Drones national strategy is to establish a clear and coherent framework for their safe, responsible and regulated integration into the national airspace.

Specifically, the strategy aims to:

* Promote the safe and responsible use of UAS-Drones through the development of clear and consistent regulations and guidelines
* Enhance the security and privacy of the operations through the implementation of measures such as secure communication and identification systems

* Promote the growth and development of the industry by promoting research and development, encouraging investment and supporting the development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

* Promote the use of UAS-Drones for the benefit of society, including for disaster response, environmental monitoring and other public interest applications. [AMNA]


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