Greece to provide free COVID-19 tests in April

Greece will provide free antigen Covid-19 self-testing kits as the government announced that pharmacies will distribute them from the first week of April.

Potential buyers should present their National Security Number (AMKA) and will be able to pick up one test per week along with a leaflet that will provide analytical instructions and advice for the procedure.

The Greek government wishes to increase the number of diagnosed covid-19 cases by providing the population with the chance to get self-tested. The tests have 95-99% of accurate resuls, according to the official information provided in a Q&A session on Saturday.

The government also plans to release a digital platform, in which the self-tested positive cases will declare the results of the covid-19 to receive a molecular test in a health center.

Greece also decided on lifting some coronavirus lockdown restrictions this week in order to reopen the economy. Although the National Health System (ESY) remains under great pressure, it is the government’s will to relieve the people who have been under strict measures for many months now.

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