Greece’s Best Beaches According to Vogue

Some of the country’s most iconic beaches and others less known to tourists are listed by the French Vogue as the best beaches to bathe in Greece in 2023.

The prestigious magazine praises a total 14 beaches across the country, from the Ionian Sea through to Crete – although one might notice that the islands of the Dodecanese and the Eastern Aegean are unrepresented in the list.

Iconic beaches across Greece

Zante’s world-famous Navagio Beach, which was voted as best beach in the world in the past but will sadly remain closed to tourists this summer for fear of landslides, tops the French Vogue’s list for the best beaches in Greece.

It is followed by another absolute must-see; Sarakiniko on Milos, the famous vulcanic-formed beach whose white rocks are often compared to lunar landscapes.

Sarakiniko beach, Milos island, Greece
Sarakiniko Beach, Milos island, Greece Credit: dronepicr – CC BY 2.0

The list then moves to a selection of beaches on the Ionian and the Aegean Seas, and a sole recommendation for the mainland; the popular Voidokilia in Messinia, on the Peloponese peninsula in southern Greece.

Voidokilia stands out for its peculiar shape resembling the Greek letter omega and for the semicircular strip of dunes that its sands form. The beach is bordered with Gialova Lagoon, an important bird habitat, and forms part of the Natura 2000 protected area.

Spectacular beaches on the Ionian Islands in Greece

The Ionian Islands appear greatly favored by the French Vogue; besides Navagio on Zante, another four beaches on the Ionian Sea made the magazine’s list for the best beaches in Greece.

Those are the Caribbean-looking Porto Katsiki on Lefkada and Myrtos on Kefalonia, both of which are popular among extreme sports enthusiasts; joined by the less famous Voutoumi, on tiny Antipaxos, south of Corfu, and Gidaki beach on Ithaki, the island of Homer’s hero Odysseus.

porto katsiki lefkada island Greece
Porto Katsiki, Lefkada, Ionian Islands. Credit: Antone Adi / Pexels

Beaches of unique beauty in the Aegean

The Cyclades and Sporades groups of islands, both in the Aegean Sea and easily accessible from the mainland, also feature in the article.

The Red Beach on Santorini is another volcanic-formed beach on the Cyclades, like is Sarakiniko on Milos.

Aliko Beach on Naxos, again on the Cyclades, is also highlighted in the list.

The secluded Perivoli on Skopelos and Lalaria on Skiathos are the two beaches selected from the Sporades.

Lalaria Beach, in particular, is only accessible by boat, offering visitors a peaceful natural refuge in a beautiful landscape.

French Vogue’s favorite beaches on Crete

Balos Beach Crete
Balos beach, Crete. Credit: Olaf Tausch / CC-BY-3.0 / Wikimedia Commons

As about Crete, the largest and most populous of the Greek islands, it features three times on the magazine’s list of best beaches in Greece for 2023.

Picked among dozens of beaches across Crete’s 1,046 km coastline, are the exotic Elafonisi, famous for its unusual pink sand; the world-renowned Balos, which is one the most-photographed landscapes on the island; and the more secluded Seitan Limania, a small, well-hidden beach, accessible through a fifteen-minute hike.

A fine example of how every visitor can discover their own favorite beach in any destination in Greece.


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