Inside the ‘lovely’ village of East Bridgford where no one wants to leave

East Bridgford has been labelled a ‘lovely village’ in Nottinghamshire and residents say they can’t think of anywhere they’d rather live. The village is right by the River Trent on the opposite side to Gunthorpe and has around 1,800 residents according to its website.

The village is home to a friendly community where there’s a lot to get involved in at the village hall. It is also home to a pub, a good school and doctor surgery, brilliant walks and a newsagents.

Villager Jen Sutton, 60, a private chef, says for her the best thing about the village is the community feel. She said: “For me, it’s probably similar in other villages but everyone is friendly. There is a lot to get involved in – I have an allotment and the allotment group is good. The drama group is a really great group.

“Through the lockdowns people here spoke to each other more than usual – there’s more of a community here. People say hi when you walk in the street. It’s really a nice place. The walks here are really lovely – access to the River Trent is really easy – you can easily walk to the farmland. I think that’s my favourite thing, is the walks.”

Laura Fisher, 31, Manager KingFisher Wharf, says that the community in the village is ‘very close.’ She told Nottinghamshire Live that her favourite thing about the village is how peaceful it is. “The community, it’s a very close community,” she said. “They do village fates. It’s nice and quiet and the pub is nice. The walks are lovely – the marina at East Bridgford, walks along the side of the river. The views are just brilliant.”

Villager Sue Pankowski has lived in the village her whole life and says she is very happy there.

She said: “I’ve lived here all my life, I was born here, my father was born here and his mother was born here. It’s a really nice village, it’s a lot bigger than it used to be. You’ve got a doctor’s surgery, a fairly good bus route, the newsagents and hair and beauty. It’s a very nice village – I can’t think of anywhere I’d rather live. It’s got a really good school and a really good doctor’s surgery.

“The community is good, it’s a nice place to bring up the kids and it’s a nice part of Nottingham. It’s close to the walks near the River Trent – really nice walks. It’s a nice distance from town, and on the whole it is good for all ages. It’s good community spirit and most people help out.”

Another resident, Sue Davis, 56, a civil servant says the village is a decent place to live. “The shops are good and the pubs are good. It’s a nice place to live,” she said. “The community and the walks. There’s a playing field. The school is very good. It’s just a pleasant village to live in.”


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