International Conference by the International Hellenic University on Planning, Challenges of Disaster Management and Resilienc

The Department of Chemistry – Hephaestus Advanced research Laboratory- of International Hellenic University is set to host the hybrid International Conference on Planning, Challenges of Disaster Management and Resilience on 11 – 13 February 2022 at the SERAFIO DIMOU ATHINAION (19 Exelidon Str & 144 Peiraios Str, Athens) and via Zoom & FB.

The hybrid conference envisions in bringing together government officials, academicians, non–government personnel, environmentalists, and other stakeholders on dealing with pernicious effects of climate change.

More specifically, it is aimed to attain the following objectives:

  1. Collaborate, communicate, coordinate and capitalize on effective climate crisis adaptation and mitigation strategies such as land use planning, utilization of alternative and renewable energy, among others, in order to limit global warming to safer levels;
  2. Embark on studies to improve the resilience of all ecosystems to avert adverse effects on food production, health, and economic security and
  3. Serve as venue in pursuing an enabling environment of change geared toward mitigating the worsening effects of climate crisis. In view thereof, we would like to invite you, your faculty researchers including extension personnel together with your focal person of disaster risk reduction and management, and other interested officials in your agency to attend the said event.

The organizers shall be receiving abstract and paper submissions until February 04, 2022, thru the official conference email address [email protected].

You can find more information’s at:


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