Interview with Athena Tranouli

Interview by Vassilios Nicolaos Vitsilogiannis
(IG: @vassiliosvitsilogiannis)
Athena Tranouli was born in Athens, Greece. She studied Business Administration and decided to be part of the family business at a very early age. Tranoulis Haute Couture was about to expand and gain impetus in the fashion industry, so someone like Athena with her fresh ideas and creativity would steer wheel the company in another direction.

You were raised in a family to a designer father who loved fashion and left a significant footprint. Did it influence you to follow his footsteps?

As I grew up watching the whole rollout of creation I loved the idea of continuing my father’s creative way.

Is fashion connected to style?

Of course, these two forms are related especially considering the fact that fashion can be a way for all of us to search for and create our own personal style.

Describe your bridal collection in 3 words?

Romantic, fairytale-like, elegant.

Do you use specific materials or do you mix and match fabrics to create the perfect design?

We create with all kinds of materials we prefer silk satin, tulle and many different types of lace.

Where do you draw respiration from?

We admire women so we try to feature female beauty.

How inspiring is the “Athena Take Me Home” movement and how inspired are the participating members to envision its mission?

‘Athena Take Me Home’ is a movement whose purpose is to alert and inspire society about our stolen cultural treasures. Our members follow us because we share mutual principles and love for our country.

Tell us a few things about the initiative of the “Athena Take Me Home” movement to stage a theatrical performance.

It was the first theatrical movement, a rock musical which was originally staged at Athens Concert Hall with co-organizer the region of Attica and the support of the Regional Governor Giorgos Patoulis. We are very proud that the movement had a huge impact.

Let’s assume you have a chance to change your life and career orientation, what would that be?

I have never thought about how I could change my life but sure anything new would include
creativity, charity and social awareness would be a possible change.

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