Latvian Embassy in Moscow suspends visa processing for Russian citizens

The Latvian Embassy in Moscow has announced Friday the suspension for an indefinite period of visa processing for Russian citizens “due to the international situation”.

According to the diplomatic mission in a statement, visas will only be issued to those Russians whose entry to the country is related to the funeral of a close relative.

Latvia thus modifies the previous decision, issued after the outbreak of the war in Ukraine at the end of February, which included in the exceptions for the granting of visas cases related to humanitarian aspects, as well as Russian journalists who could not perform their work in the Eurasian country.

On the other hand, the State Security Service (VDD) has indicated that, given the current geopolitical conditions, it is carrying out an increased control of foreigners entering Latvia from Russia and Belarus.

According to the agency, the activity in Latvia of Russian media outlets opposed to President Vladimir Putin may lead to an increase in Russian intelligence operations against the country.

In this line, the VDD has also pointed out that the entry of Russian media representatives into Latvia is also associated with risks for Latvian information security.


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