London council stops food bin collections for entire month as residents fear they’ll be overrun with ‘maggots’

Waltham Forest residents are furious after the council decided to stop brown bin collections for a month from next Monday. Waltham Forest Council will suspend brown wheelie bin collection from August 15 to September 12 after record heat “significantly reduced the amount of garden waste” binned by residents. The council say the decision will help cut emissions.

But, there has been some backlash from residents who predict the decision could lead to maggots and foxes. Ryan Eales said: “Really can’t wait for our food waste to sit, in the heat, for a month and fester. Gonna invite all of the flies in the neighbourhood, it’ll be a brilliant feast and breeding ground for them.”

Another resident raged: “I normally sing the praises of Waltham Forest Council but in this heat you want food waste left rotting in hot bin incubators for a month. That will smell delightful. Cut down the collections don’t fully suspend.” While Anne Kempster warned: “This doesn’t make sense. Brown bins are for garden waste and food waste. We’re supposed to let our food waste fester for a month? Maggots and foxes ahoy. Can’t wait.”

The council advise residents can put food waste without packaging and organic living matter from your garden like grass cuttings, leaves, and small branches in the brown bin. Failure to put the right stuff in the bin could lead to a missed collection. This includes putting things like black refuse bags, nappies, and electrical items. There are also limits on green waste like soil, Japanese knotweed, and treated wood.

The council accepts:

  • garden waste such as grass, leaves, flowers
  • pasta and rice
  • fruit, vegetables and all food scraps
  • bread and cakes
  • meat and fish
  • tea bags and coffee granules

Waltham Forest Council said: “The UK has had its driest July since 1885, with rainfall down by 35 per cent over the last six months. This means that grass and garden plants have been growing more slowly this summer than expected. This has significantly reduced the amount of garden waste being left out by residents to be collected by the Council in recent weeks.

“This temporary measure will help the Council focus on other services over the summer and help reduce unnecessary journeys for our collection vehicles, helping improve air quality and cutting our carbon emissions.

“We thank all residents in advance for your patience, and advise you to continue to dispose of any food/garden waste in brown bins ready for collection from 12 Sept. Residents who currently receive a weekly separate food waste collection will continue to receive this service.”


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