London Covid: Medical experts give urgent warning to people who caught Omicron in December

As the Omicron variant swept across the UK in December 2021, four million people came down with the virus in England alone.

Medical experts have now issued an urgent warning to those who tested positive for Covid in that period.

Omicron is normally milder than earlier variants such as Delta and typically displays cold-like symptoms.

Studies show it is milder than other variants of the virus particularly among those who are vaccinated, reports BristolLIve.

Health experts have warned those who had the virus in December now need to get their booster vaccines.

Booster injections provide the best chance to weather the pandemic, according to health officials. Although Government officials and health experts have repeatedly emphasised the importance of booster shots, new NHS data shows 6.3 million people have missed their booster by six weeks or more – most because they had just tested positive for the virus anyway.

But those who tested positive in December will have to endure a 28-day wait for a booster under guidance from the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI).

More than five million Brits have been sent reminders to book in for their boosters.

Over 52.2 million received a first dose, 48.2 million a second and 37.1 million had their booster jabs.

After the NHS opened the booster dose to everyone on December 15, 10 million Brits came forward to get jabbed.

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) says you are 85 per cent less likely to end up in hospital if you have had a booster.

Professor Stephen Powis, NHS national medical director told The Sun: “If you were one of the millions of people who tested positive in December and were unable to get your booster, it is time to come forward for that vital vaccination 28 days on from catching Covid.

“More than six million people are past the date booster by at least six weeks.

“While some had to delay because of a coronavirus infection it is still absolutely crucial that people get their booster in order to increase their protection to reinfection and the dangers of long Covid.”

Those who are eligible can turn up at walk-in centres without an appointment.

But chemists, GP practices and large community sites are providing slots too, but booking is often required.

If you have access to the internet, you can book online at the NHS booking site and locate a time and place which a location which suits you.


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