Madison, Wisconsin’s Parthenon Gyros Named US’ #2 Best Spot

You want to get into a good food argument with Greeks, you start with spanakopita about who makes the best and try bringing up who makes the best gyro and Greek restaurant owners will start slinging more than hash.

The food review site Mashed named the Top 10 Gyro places in the United States and Parthenon Gyros in Madison, Wisconsin – with a bevy of hungry University of Wisconsin students around – was named one of them, a place serving up them up since 1972.

It was founded by Greek immigrants and now is owned by their grandchildren, operated by Erin Vranas and her husband Dimitri, who have managed to make the gyro exciting too, with options adding spicy giardiniera peppers to the Cluck ‘n Caesar with grilled chicken and Caesar salad dressing and the Mega Gyro that’s 50 percent bigger.

It makes handcrafted versions with tzatziki and grinds whole cuts of beef and lamb for the gyro meat, reported Madison magazine.

“The beef and lamb is succulent, the tomatoes, onion and parsley are fresh, and that extra-special tzatziki sauce will have you craving extra,” Mashed said.


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