In the framework of the 49th Zappeion Athens Book Festival organized by the Association of Book Publishers, as well as Youth Organisation of the Municipality of Athens (OPANDA), a unique tribute was made to the 200 years since the Greek Revolution.

In this very important cultural event, we met the Author Dimitris Varvarigos in the 24 Letters Publishers in stands 144-146 of the exhibition, the Author presented his books.

Hypatia: 11th edition, a historical novel narrating the life and work of the Alexandrian Philosopher Hypatia. Dimitris Varvarigos is the first Greek writer to write a novel on Hypatia. His work was presented at the Library of Alexandria.


Creative Writing Methodology: A very innovative and easy-to-use book that contains rules for writing and reading literary work through theory, models and exercises.



Faith and Pride: A fascinating novel on the human destiny in the interwar period in Athens in 1930. Zoe Maria Montanari, the heroine, lives happily with her family in the interwar period until the declaration of World War II and the dark years of the German occupation. The difficult circumstances and her enormous responsibilities deprive her of the right to dream. A murdered beginning and a teenage end lead her to early adulthood. Incompatible, in the hell that life revealed, she defied the shadow of fate that followed her, turning her gaze to the sky, until love came to overthrow everything in her life.


Dimitris Varvarigos participated in the publication of the 200th Anniversary Anniversary Anthology “THE GREEK REVOLUTION OF 1821”, by the International Society of Greek Writers-Artists with the kind sponsorship of the Ministry of Culture with the poem: “GREEK – SPERM OF GODS – 1821″.



Snapshots from our meeting with the Author Dimitris Varvarigos.



                                                           Georgios Damianos from the 24 Letters Publishers


Information about our author can be found in the biblionet:


We wish our author a good trip with his books!




Mina Boulekou, Feature Writer – Active News, Member of Association of European Journalists

Panagiotis Sfaelos, Journalist, Director – Active News, Member of NUJ, Board Member of Association of European Journalists, 

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